Mobile App Development

We are successfully develops mobile applications for business, education and entertainment in US and Europe.

Our projects for mobile devices have become an effective factor of business promotion for commercial companies, online shopping, taxi services, sports, and other activities.

  • IOS App Development
  • Android AppDevelopment
  • UX/UI Interface Design
  • Cross-platform (React Native) Application
  • Development and Support
  • Effective business solutions


Our capabilities

We’re Here To Make Your Best Mobile Application.


We deal with cross-platform mobile application development - hybrid projects that work on both iOS and Android devices.

The main technology is React Native and TypeScript.

What is cross-platform development?

It is the creation of hybrid mobile applications that work equally well on both operating systems and cover the widest possible audience of iOS and Android users. You don't have to choose and analyse which platform your potential customers actually prefer. You don't have to pay to build two different native products and spend twice as much time on them. One hybrid app instead of two native apps is the basic principle of cross-platform development.


Cross-platform applications are a universal product that allows you to reach a wide audience and reduce costs and development time. If the application is created by experienced professionals, any disadvantages of the technology are offset and the customer receives a high-quality business development tool in a short time.

We use software platforms with rich libraries to develop cross-platform application frameworks. As a result, one piece of code is written for two operating systems, and the application displays correctly and runs stable on both Android and Apple devices.

React Native Flutter Ionic Xamarin

  • Rapid development
  • Greater audience reach
  • Saving on technical support

Building one cross-platform app is cheaper than building two separate products for iOS and Android.


Developing mobile applications for iOS opens up new prospects for your business. iPhone users are an active, solvent audience worth offering your services to.
Order an iOS application from KitApp and get guaranteed results.


The mobile operating system designed specifically for Apple products holds around 15% of the market for modern devices. At the same time, more than 2 million applications have already been published in the App Store.

Business interest in the iPhone is well justified. Consumers of Apple devices not only prefer high-quality software, but are also ready to pay for the services they use.


Starting a business or planning to grow an existing business? Want to create a business tool for your company or organisation?

E-commerce, education, medicine, sports, IT, games, services - Android application development helps in a wide range of fields.

Why it pays to contact us:

  • We provide professional services at affordable prices.
  • We set the terms of cooperation in the contract and clearly justify the costs and terms.
  • We take into account all the client's wishes.
  • We guarantee quick moderation in Google Play Market.
  • We support the project and promote the application.

Applications on the Android platform can solve practical problems. We work with tools that allow us to implement projects of any size. To get to market quickly, you can start with minimal functionality and gradually refine, improve and scale the product to meet the needs of the audience.

A quality application quickly finds an audience and effectively performs its tasks, helping to run a business or generate profit through monetisation. The application begins to deliver value immediately after launch. To achieve this, you need to use various methods of advertising and promotion.

The Android application offers many opportunities for business and profit:

  • Online sales;
    Promote a product or brand;
  • Automate and optimise business processes;
  • Collect user contact information and build a customer base;
  • Maintain feedback with the target audience;
  • Inform customers about promotions and special offers;
  • Increase audience loyalty.

Android technologies ensure complete security of confidential data, payment security and reliable storage of users’ financial data. Android has built-in multi-level protection against hacking, viruses and malware. The security factor is particularly important for online banking and online stores with an online payment function.

Benefits over iOS

  • Google Play Market is cheaper than the AppStore.
  • Moderation is faster. The quality of the application and proper preparation exclude the risk of blocking.
  • Google provides more opportunities for the processing of users’ personal data and imposes less stringent requirements on privacy policies than Apple.
  • Applications on Android have a wider audience because more people in our country and around the world use devices with this operating system.

The Android application works on any user’s device running the Android operating system. This makes such applications universal – they work perfectly in any field:

Online store applications, Enterprise applications, Mobile applications for startups, Online banking service applications, Entertainment and educational applications for Android.

Any business can find a target audience among the users of the Android operating system. To date, almost three billion people around the world use Android-based smartphones and tablets. In our country, there are about three times more Android devices than iOS. Android applications are used for online sales, product promotion, brand development and solving business problems. Mobile development services for Android are in high demand.

How is mobile app development going?


Technical specification

Based on the preliminary analysis, we form a general concept of the application, develop screen prototypes, think through the UI/UX and collect all the information in the requirements specification. We then describe the future application in detail - architecture, functionality, UI features and user scenarios. Finally, we agree a time and material estimate with the client, calculate and approve the cost of creating a mobile application.


UX\UI Design

We create the main interface elements using the chosen style - the logo, buttons, icons and screens. When developing the design, we take into account the specifics of the iOS and Android operating systems to ensure that the application displays correctly on all devices with any operating system.






We develop a hybrid application on the modern React Native framework, layout the screens and ensure that the application displays and functions correctly on both operating systems. We also speed up the development process by using libraries and APIs to exchange data with the server side.





Testing, QA

We test the completed project for errors and defects. We use automated and manual testing methods to verify usability. We connect to tracking services and analyse bugs, such as AppCenter.




Publication on AppStore \ Google Play

After testing and debugging, the application is deployed to the stores. We develop projects with the specific requirements of the stores in mind to ensure fast moderation and no blocking.